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I combined my English Literature degree with my PGCE and applied for the licenciatura en filosofía inglesa (4 year degree).

The ministry of education in Madrid wrote back confirming in order to complete my convalidation I would have to do 3 subjects; History of the English language ( I completed it and passed) Literatura Española siglo XX ( Im studying for my exam at the moment and finally Lengua Española ( I haven´t started but I hope to take the exam once Ive finished the other Spanish subject) Hopefully I will have finished my studies at the end of the year. I have a 2:1 BA Honours English degree and I am about to do my PGCE secondary teacher training for a year.

Stated equivalents are neither absolute nor complete.

If you are in any doubt please contact us or your department to discuss your application.

(1 yr) Also I finished my QTS and began working as a secondary school teacher in England.

A few years later, I moved to Spain and began the process of convalidating my studies.

It’s the time of year when International schools begin their advertising for positions starting in September.

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