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Sometimes he would just sit in front of his dish and turn his nose up at his food.

When he did eat you could hear his tummy gurgle from across the room. Two vet visits within the year yielded nothing but a course of antibiotics and some medication to control his stomach upset. And he is eating everything that's put in front of him and keeping it down, and we have solid, well-formed stools.

Only a Service Dog is afforded public access with his Handler under the ADA.

An Emotional Support Dog IS NOT considered a Service Dog under the ADA!

In addition to task training, it should also be recognized that housebreaking, Basic and Advanced Obedience Training and House/ Public Manor Training are all part of Service Dog Training.

ASSISTANCE DURING A MEDICAL CRISIS A service dog can learn a number of helpful tasks to assist his partner to cope during a sudden onset of symptoms, medication problems, or in any situation requiring outside contact and safety intervention.

In particular, the tasks were developed for those who become disabled by Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or Depression.

My brother had to call the wrecker service when he discovered that his brake line was bad, thus he needed the rollback to pick up his truck to be serviced.

I arrived home, sat on the front porch and watched as a rollback from the local wrecker service got stuck (up to the axle) in mud.

After 5 inches of rain in three days, there’s no question that the ground would be saturated.

Unfortunately, the rollback driver backed through softer-than-expected ground and was mired.

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