Husband dating another woman

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But when it did eventually happen all my worries just faded away and I really enjoyed myself.

To this day I really look forward to having new threesomes with new women and I know my husband does as well.

She loves her family, the outdoors, baby foxes and podcasts.

A little more than four years ago, my husband left me for another woman. A relative advised me to get on a plane, fly to Hong Kong — where my husband was spending months at a time for work — and fight for my marriage. I was scared for the future and what life would be like without him. While we had once been unable to get enough of each other, by this point we could barely tolerate each other’s company and walked through our lives as business partners more than anything else.

When I first had the thought I want to share my husband with another woman it kind of scared me a little, not the thought of my husband sleeping with another woman more the thought of myself been intimate with another woman.

Yes I’ve had fantasies about sex with women before but this time I knew it was going to happen and I really didn’t know how I was going to react when it did.

He visits our three children every one to two months and takes them on vacations a few times per year, most of the time without his significant other.

As a result I have not had to see or deal with this woman except to listen as my children have described her comings and goings after those few times they have been in her presence.

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I highly recommend you take a look at this site by clicking the link above, you can then decide for yourself which one if any you wish to join up with.Even strangers would likely agree that your life sucks at moments like these. Everybody told me it was not their fault, that it was my boyfriend's responsibility. But now, eight months later, I'm living a very happy single life and I still don't agree.Unfortunately, these experiences are just a part of life. We can try as hard as we want but sometimes, sh*t just happens and there is nothing left to do. So obviously, I did react: I cried, I screamed, I ate like a pig, I stopped eating, I stopped sleeping, I didn't leave my house and didn't change out of my pajamas for days. These women all knew my boyfriend was in a relationship.They could have just as easily had “fun” with someone else.Why does nobody seem to care about the pain it would cause me?

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