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But she also has a previously planned date with Seth, a co-worker. Meanwhile, Tom discovers Lane's qualifications for the job are none-existent, but she is trying to do the work, so he warns her to stop lying and "get back to work".

A more immediate problem is that Kate told Lane to date only businessmen in suits, and that is not Liam either.

Despite fielding full-time teams for Biffle, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. I owe Jack everything I've accomplished in this sport.

And I think it’s tough being my age and being single, because if you meet a single guy, you’re like, “Okay, you’ve dated a friend who’s dated a friend, and I know everything already about you and I’ve never shook your hand.” So it’s tough. People that like me, that were fans of me on And regarding Matt Nordgren’s appearance:“Matt does make an appearance, and I think people will be shocked — I think people are expecting one thing when it comes Matt and I’s relationship, but I think, um, I think people in Dallas are going to be high-fiving me the next day after they see Matt Nordgren’s appearance.”Oooh that sounds juicy!

This new half-hour docu-series will follow Courtney as she navigates the lively Dallas social scene, while building a new career.

Here’s the lowdown: Courtney took a leap of faith by quitting her stable job in fashion retail to pursue her exploding fashion blog full-time (woohoo, a girl after my own heart!

One night, she and Joanne bump into Liam at a bar, and she is immediately impressed.

He is handsome, British, polite, witty, spontaneous, a world traveler, etc. She goes on a date with Liam and is seriously interested.

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