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Since then, the Mc Fly star has announced his support and backing to a new ‘Tread Lightly’ conservation campaign.

The singer said: "Please Tread Lightly in Richmond Park, “Take nothing from the Park, leave nothing behind and please Tread Lightly in Richmond Park." Working with the charity Friends of Richmond Park, the songwriter has released a video asking visitors to respect the environment and its inhabitants of his ‘local National nature reserve’.

Team Flintoff will include Judd, East-Enders star Maddy Hill and newsreader Sophie Raworth.

Team Redgrave boasts Will Young, Mc Guinness and TV historian Dan Snow.

Mr Jones has previously spoken about his parents’ divorce when he was aged 18.

“Their work commitments have meant they have been spending more and more time away from each other and it has made it difficult to maintain their relationship.

Back in July, the couple posed for their first ever joint photoshoot, appearing in Rollercoaster magazine together.

Just a month before, Dougie hinted that he was even thinking about popping the question to Ellie, telling Mail Online: “Well…I don’t want to say too much.

As well as the wrestling, Judd, 30, is taking part in a cycling challenge at the Lee Valley Velodrome — and his wife Izzy, who gave birth to their first child last month, has been worrying.

He said: “They offered me the rhythmic gymnastics, which I would have agreed to. She was like, ‘Do you have to do the wrestling and do you have to do the cycling?

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