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Linksys provides Firmware updates for the router in a Windows self-extracting zip file (extension).

There are no guarantees Recovery mode will fix anything. This procedure provides the steps necessary to recover a DIR series router that will not properly boot due to corrupt or improperly loaded firmware.

Do not perform this procedure if you can successfully access the router web interface. Chrome and other browsers may cause the FW download to become corrupt or may improperly handle the data causing the router to be come bricked. BIN) on the HDD of a local PC2 Connect an Ethernet cable between one of the LAN ports on the rear of the router and the network port on the local PC3 Configure the PC with a static IP address other than (e.g. Power down the router and unplug the power cord5 Press and hold the reset button on the rear of the router for 3 to 5 seconds and re-plug the power cord without releasing the reset button6 Continue to hold the reset button until the amber power light keeps blinking on and off7 Open a web browser and enter the following address: Wait for the D-Link Router Recovery Mode page to load (See Exhibit 1 below)9 Using the Choose File button, select the router firmware stored on the local PC and then press Upload10 After the firmware successfully loads, a Success page will display11 If the Success page fails to display, then repeat steps 3 through 9D-Link products confirmed and tested for the Recovery Mode: DIR-615, DIR-655, DIR-657, DIR-825, Presume most if not all DIR series routers support this mode.

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