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November 22, 2000 Chimezie Ogbuji Schematron is an XML schema language, and it can be used to validate XML.

In this article I show how to do the latter and assume the reader is at least familiar with XML 1.0, DTDs, XSLT, and XPath.

Altova XMLSpy® 2017 is the only XML editor with the revolutionary, patented Smart Fix validation functionality.

Smart Fix provides options for fixing XML validation errors that you can apply automatically, with a single click.

For example, a person can tell that the this XML instance is invalid: We know that a motorcycle typically has two wheels and doesn't have a sunroof.

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You have full control over which fix is implemented, but XMLSpy will make the selected change automatically, reducing the time spent troubleshooting and testing considerably.

XML schemas are necessary for communicating the structure of an XML document type to a machine. A person can easily interpret and understand both XML instances from the words used to describe their components.

A person can verify if the documents adhere to a set conventions about how vehicle elements should be used.

RELAX NG only works if you manage to configure the JAXP validation framework properly and add additional third party libraries.

The schemas (or DTDs) needed for validation can be specified as can provide the schema to the parser.

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