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It is understood by many that when a poster claims to be “HWP” that they’re actually overweight, but don’t want to say it.

Craigslist posters may try to hide their real weight by not giving a weight, but claiming to be HWP.

But you went ahead and stuck your penis in the other woman's vagina anyway.

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"It is clear that one should be careful before labeling a sexual fantasy, as the majority of the 55 on the questionnaire were not found to be either rare or unusual," the researchers, led by Christian C. The study was published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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The researchers recruited participants via advertisements in public places, interviews with the researchers on a local radio show and in local daily newspapers and magazines, presentations to groups of elderly people, word of mouth, a Facebook page, and university mailing lists.

Of the 1,516 participants, 799 (52.7%) were women, which is close to the female-to-male ratio of Quebec's general adult population.

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